Get More Followers: 4 Tips for Growing Your Instagram

Get more followers: 4 tips for growing your instagram


With more than 600 million monthly active users, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the top social media platforms. And while there are millions of users engaging on the app on a daily basis, it can seem like an endless battle to try increasing (and keeping) your Instagram following.

Understanding what content sparks likes and follows is a huge piece of the puzzle, among other tips and tricks. At Boostagram, we understand the value of engaging content to grow an authentic network. So no matter what industry you’re in, here are our top tips for building a true following to your Instagram in 2017:


1. Post Beautiful Photography

Instagram is an app built on beautiful images, so it shouldn’t be shocking that people want to see and follow accounts with that type of quality content.

So what does ‘quality’ mean when it comes to your Instagram images? Good lighting is probably the No. 1 factor in differentiating a good photo from a bad one (no one likes a grainy photo), which is why natural light is your best friend. Make sure you’re taking advantage of natural light in the daytime — maybe even plan ahead and take multiple photos in one day to have for a rainy day.


2. Include Relevant Hashtags

As you get ready to hit post on that stunning, well-lit photo, you’ll want to consider how people will find your content. (Tip: Make sure your account is public so the hashtags do what they’re supposed to.) But it’s also good to note that while hashtags can be very effective in making your content seekable, it can also be a turnoff when used excessively.

We would recommend including 2-5 niche hashtags in your caption that pertain to your industry and genre of your images. For example, if you’re posting a photo of your brunch meal, including #foodie and #brunchgamestrong would be great broader hashtags, but having city-specific hashtags such as #sanfrancisco or #sfeats could help attract locals in the area.

If you want to use all 30 tags to reach the largest audience, make sure to put them in a comment, not in the photo caption. Remember finding the right balance is key.


3. Connect with Your Followers

If you’re just posting photos and expecting your numbers to grow overnight, you will go no where, my friend. Posting photos and getting followers is only half the battle — you have to show them some love to keep them! To ensure you’re providing value to the followers you do have — and building an authentic following — make sure you’re sharing likes and comments on their content as well, because we’re all in the same boat.


4. Tap Into Industry Influencers

Relying solely on hashtags to be discovered will result in a long, slow, and unfortunate road. While engaging your current followers is very important, following and engaging others is just as pertinent. And a great place to start is finding the accounts that your audience is already interested in. If you’re a personal trainer, find other trainers or fitness accounts that are doing it right and engage their followers. You can even compliment their work by reposting a photo of theirs (with appropriate link-backs, of course) and see if they’ll return the favor. You’d be surprised how helpful influencers can be.

Growing an Instagram following can be tricky, but with true dedication to beautiful photography, strategic hashtags, ongoing engagement, and seeking other influencers in your space, you can start building a loyal network.

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